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Element-ary Adventure

Protect the Professor's Greatest Treasure!

Quick Details

Maximum Players: 8

Challenge Rating: 4/5

Escape Rate: 30%

Age Requirements: 16 & younger must be accompanied by an adult

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Overcome challenges to find and protect Professor Frankenschnitzel’s greatest treasure from the third reich’s minions who wish to use his alchemy research for their own nefarious plan.

Professor Heinrich Von Frankenschnitzel may have discovered the scientific secret for turning lead into gold. German nationalists anxious to make good on the Third Reich’s previous attempt to dominate the world have captured Professor Frankenschnitzel in an attempt to extract his knowledge.

Before he was captured, the professor mailed a letter to you asking your team of detectives to find and protect his greatest treasure and you have just 60 minutes to get in and out of his office with the secret information before the bad guys show up.

Do you have what it takes to stop the evildoers and crack the code to save Professor Frankenschnitzel’s scientific secret? Book this Greensboro, NC escape room and find out!

Note: Teams with two players will find this adventure to be very challenging.